Valentine Science

The dollar store never ceases to amaze me.  I can always find something unique and interesting to use to teach science.

Today’s science is self-inflating balloons.  Have you seen them? They look  like this:

With a package of 4 for $1, think of the science you can do for only 25 cents!

Here’s some of what I did:

  1. conservation of mass
  2. stoichiometry
  3. exothermic/endothermic reactions
  4. evidence of chemical reactions
  5. balancing equations
  6. scientific “method”

These have an  incredible WOW factor.  They are shocking, unexpected, noisy and the perfect answer to the student who asks “are we going to blow stuff up today?”

You can also buy these at Oriental Trading online for a little more money.  I stock up with I see them at my local Dollar Tree – usually around Valentine’s Day (heart shaped) and Easter (egg shaped).

What do you think?!

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